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who we are

“It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing”

-Mother Theresa-

Let's Share Healthcare is a non profit community that focuses on providing, free health checks, health counseling, surgery and medicine donation to Disadvantage children and needy family across the Indonesian archipelago.

We also focus on arranging regular Distribution Programs to remote villages across Indonesia. The focus is not only to provide for their basic needs such as clothing, food, books and school materials but also to provide free health checks and medical supplies as needed. Another interesting project that we are proud to announce is providing free surgery and medical treatment for children born with congenital disability such as cleft lip and cleft palate, polydactyly, hypospadia, hirchsprung diseases or other acquired disabilities such as burn scars. In this project, we work closely with experienced doctors and surgeons in several public or private hospitals in Indonesia.

Our Goal

Our Goals are :

1. Health Care

2. Good Distribution

our mission


We believe that good health is key to having a successful future and we aim to provide surgery and healthcare to children at a young age as we believe that when you look and feel good it strengthens your confidence and prepares you psychologically to enter into the world.  

Our program also includes these various services:

Providing free surgery and comprehensive treatment for children who has congenital and or acquired disabilities such as: labio palatoschisis, polydactyly, burn, hypospadias, burn contracture, atresia ani, atresia bilier, atresia esophagus, congenital heart disease, hydrocephalus, etc.

Helping mal-nutritioned children by giving extra necessities for their diet, and education for their parents, providing the comprehensive treatment for pediatric patients who need skin graft surgery and other treatments, providing necessary information and education for parents about general healthcare, and teaching environmental protection, health, and nutrition.

our vision


Providing underprivileged communities with basic necessities is also a key service we give. Indonesia is still widely below the poverty range, lacking even some of the basic items needed to survive. Food, clean water, clothes, and medicine are among the many things we regularly donate. We believe this is the first step to helping others, making sure they are clothed and warm and fed and healthy before we continue on with other aspects such as education and training.

How We Work

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